Agile Coaching

Make your development teams awesome, high-performing and happy

Agile Coaching is not about a framework or finding the right path, it’s not about boundaries. We can enable your development teams to find their way to high performance through empowering each team and motivating team members through autonomy, mastery and purpose.

We’ll help you spread an agile mindset throughout your organisation bringing sustainable change and significantly reducing the lead time from idea to product launch.

Fora West can help you succeed using a coaching toolbox drawing on over a decade of experience and knowledge of proven techniques and their impact on businesses meaning you will be able to deliver to your customers with confidence.

Expecting high performance from teams through learning, coaching, collaboration, facilitation, teaching, mentoring and problem solving are the reasons why agile coaching both excites us and challenges us to improve on our agile coaching journey.

Building this excitement and coaching teams to success is something we want to share with you.

SCRUM Master

Invigorate your SCRUM adoption, get it working

If you’re not developing software in an Agile way, you should, it is the best software development methodology around and SCRUM is the by far the most popular framework for Agile implementation.

If your SCRUM adoption has run out of steam or feels like a “hamster wheel” of routine then it’s time for a rethink.

Being Agile isn’t just about doing SCRUM, how to plan, estimate, organise your teams, decide which SCRUM ceremonies to run and how they can be facilitated. It’s about developing an agile mindset, positive attitude and a thirst for knowledge from which your development teams can build a culture of success.

A safe culture in which to experiment & learn rapidly and where there is no such thing as failure, only feedback, will lead to high performing teams who will deliver value with your customers continuously.

SCRUM doesn’t guarantee you success, elements of Lean and Extreme Programming (XP) are essential to getting any Agile development teams to where they need to be.

Here at Fora West we can help you move towards this. Starting with SCRUM and building your own road to success.

Software Development Management

Get the right people, empower them and keep them

Does delivering valuable Software releases on time to customers sometimes feel like a struggle?

Do you have information silos or remote teams/individuals that just don’t seem to pull together?

Are some of your colleagues not happy in their work and have that “always-on” feeling?

Does scaling-up your development effort seem to be a problem?

Anticipation, expectancy, and excitement are keys to producing great software. Listening, servant leadership, mentoring, empowerment, professional development and above all happiness are all crucial to building the best teams for your business.

Fora West can help you with all of these leadership challenges.

Your people come first, we can help you empower your teams into feeling happy with their work and motivated to go that extra mile.

Software Development Strategy & Processes

Make the right technology choices and do it right

From what to do with legacy codebases to creating bleeding-edge services based on current cloud technologies the range of strategic development decisions that need to be made by companies today has huge breadth.

Do we really need to spend so much time on CICD? How do we avoid eating the Security Sandwich? Will using an Agile development methodology mean we can stop worrying about other processes?

Fora West can help you find your way to making the best strategic decisions and to develop transparent processes for your software development. Facilitation of indicators for the organisation so all can “see how it’s going” is key to your success.

We can also support your Product Owners in building high-value product backlogs through collaboration with the development teams via sharing enough understanding of technology and architecture.

Similarly, from a development team’s perspective they need to be part of the product discovery process as early as possible so that technical viability and non-functional requirements are not in tension with customer value added.

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